How to import your blog posts on your Facebook page

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Wondering how to integrate your blog articles on your Facebook page? The following method not only allows you to import your blog posts on Facebook, but also automates the process of publishing your news articles on your Facebook page and helps you with the Conversation strategy of your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • A Facebook Page
  • A RSS feed


Step 1. Go to your Facebook page and click on your “Notes” tab (See Notice 1 for more information)

Step 2. On the left sidebar, at the bottom, click on “Edit Import Settings”
Import your blog posts on Facebook

Step 3. Specify the URL of your RSS feed. If the Content management System of your website is WordPress, the RSS feed URL of your blog will be

Step 4. Be sure to confirm that you have the right to publish the content of the RSS feed on your Facebook page. Then, click on the “Start Importing” button.
Setup a RSS feed on your facebook page

Result: The blog articles of your blog will be shared on your Facebook page, and will be visible on your friends’ News, and next time you publish a new article on your blog, it will be published on your Facebook Page automatically.

how to import blog posts on facebook page

Notice 1: Sometimes, the Notes tab is hidden. Below is a screenshot that explains how to display the notes tab of your Facebook page.
how to display  the notes tab of your facebook page

Notice 2: Normally the RSS feeds are not updated in real time and take a couple of hours to be refreshed with new content. Therefore, the automated process takes time to publish your posts on your Facebook page.

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