How to make Balsamiq mockups look more professional

Balsamiq Mockups is an intuitive software to create wireframes, or website skeletons, used to conceptualize a website or application before the design stage. By default, Balsamiq Mockups gives a sketchy look to these graphics, which make them look unprofessional. This is a wireframe created with Balsamiq, using the default settings that come with the software:

Balsamiq wireframe using default settings, sketchy look

I was looking for other alternatives to Balsamiq, to get more professional results, but then, I discovered that it’s possible to change this appearance and get wireframes more visually appealing. These are the steps:

  1. In the menu bar, Go to View > Skin, and select “Wireframe Skin”.
    Change skin settings in Balsamiq
  2. Go to View and select “Use System Fonts”, to get rid of the Comics Sans font.
    Change font settings in Balsamiq

With these two simple steps, the wireframe I showed above will look like this one below:

Balsamiq wireframe with straight lines and arial font

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