Section 508 and search engine optimization

What is the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and Section 508 compliance for computer accessibility?

Not much! At least, not when it comes to on page elements of your web optimization.

If you run a government (.gov, .mil) website and/or have a requirement to comply with OMB Section 508 for computer accessibility then whom do you need to contact or study to ensure compliance? SEO gurus are who you need to reach out to.

A significant element to proactive search engine optimization is to take the necessary steps to ensure than spiders, crawlers, and major search engines can read everything on your website, including photos, Flash files, and PDFs. Well, guess what … the same rules that apply for Section 508 compliance also work for top-notch search engine optimization.

If you are Section 508 compliant, likely, your website has already been optimized for search engines. Likewise, if you are looking for a great search engine optimization guru, then start looking for a Section 508 compliance guru. You will improve the SEO effectiveness of your website, while at the same time, help web visitors with visual disabilities see your website more effectively.