Search Engine Obsession (SEO)


Ranking high on Google involves a Holy Trinity of activities, namely;

  1. Contributing frequent and relevant content focused on a few keyword phrases (KwP)
  2. Utilizing Section 508 Compliant methods for web accessibility according to ADA
  3. Developing natural inbound links from credible sites using your KwP as anchor text

More importantly, however, is that you obsess over these three activities.  That is why I call it Search Engine Obsession (SEO) rather than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Every single day, you need to invest time on your website.  It could be as little as 10-15 minutes or as much as a couple hours.

What can you do in 10-15 minutes?  You can find other websites or blogs that relate to your industry or your interests and comment on that blog entry.  Within the blog entry, you can reference an article or page on your website if you think it will be helpful to that blog’s readers or will further the usefulness of that blog article.  In addition, many blog comment forms allow you to enter your name and URL.  Once you post your comment, your name is clickable and it targets your URL.  Instead of putting in your name, perhaps should enter your title.  This way, you anchor text within that link is more relevant.

For example, there is a site related to a web development platform called Ruby on Rails.  Within this site, there is a blog that discusses RoR techniques, plug-ins, widgets, etc.  At the botom of that blog entry are reader’s comments and an invitation for new comments.  This is how I would complete the form:

If you can identify one relatively high ranking blog every day and make a useful, meaningful, relevant comment on that blog entry then you can add one new inbound link every day.  This very useful exercise should take no more than about 10-15 minutes out of your day and will ultimately amount to a very solid PageRank (PR) factor according to Google.

So, keep on obsessing.