“Blake, I wanted to personally stop and thank Felipe, Megan and David for their tireless work over the past three LONG evening. Our site looks amazing this morning for our 11:00 launch. I greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication to making this happen. THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!

Keary Crawford, Co-Founder / COO, Growth Cloud

I’ve been getting some GREAT feedback on the new system. Everyone loves it!”

Dan Buck, Dan and Dave

Our technology partners at InQbation are rockstars!

George Assimakopoulos, CEO, Eye Traffic Media

Wow! Congratulations, you have already added more value than the other SEO guy I was working with!!! Seriously, this is very insightful.

Prefers to remain anonymous, President & CEO, Somebody in the property management business

The web site is truly great!

Vojtech Gall PhD, Principal GZ Consultants

“Blake, You’ve been better than great…everyone here is very impressed.

Julie Baker, Director, Business Development, DB Consulting Group

Very excited about all of this. Thank you for all your great work.

Luke Fretwell, Founder, GovFresh,

This is fantastic! … I can’t thank you enough for getting the new site launched. I think its going to make a huge difference.

Steve Gurney, Publisher, Retirement Living

You guys did a great job on my website and I’ve received many wonderful compliments about how beautiful it looks. It has been a pleasure to work with you and everyone associated with the company.

Wayne Wilson, Author, Wayne L. Wilson

I love it! My thanks to you and your team.

Steve Hafner CEO HEP Data

I just want to thank you all so much for being so responsive … [and] how quickly you’re completing our requests!”

Patrick Taillon, Enstruct

The banners look great. You guys did a great job, especially with the short time-frame we were working with … Thanks again for all of your hard work on this project!

Mike Littier, Technical Writer, Concept Solutions

I gotta tell you, your website rocks! Especially that video you have on your homepage. Great job!

Marc-Andre Levesque, Acquisio

Absolute pleasure working with you guys. I’m very impressed with your organization, professionalism and the overall pleasantness :-)

Ingrid de la Fuente, Business Operations & Marketing Manager, Gall Zeidler Consultants

Luis,…you have done a fantastic job developing this site. Thank you.

David Svec CEO Veris Group


Blake and Luis, I am updating the website now and adding different taxonomies for the first time and the process is so easy and fun that I had to write and say thank you again. I could not be more pleased with the website and how it turned out and we are 110% happy with how everything is working! When I think back to the old website I shudder thinking about all the steps we used to have to take etc. This website makes my job so much easier and fun to do and you all are the reason for that. I used to dread anything involving the website and now it’s the best part of my day! I know it was a tough process getting here, but I just want you to know it was well worth it and I am so, so pleased with the final result. Blake – we could not have done this without Luis – he managed this project (and Stephanie and I!) superbly and the website is a testament to all of his hard work.Thanks so much,

Megan Kindelan, Communications Director, Administrative Conference of the United States

I just wanted to say thanks again for all of the extra effort the last two weeks. I know there’s been a lot of (too much) work lately for the whole team.” … “Just to reiterate what Tom (Teague) said, everyone on the team has put forth a tremendous effort to deliver what I think is an outstanding product in a very short amount of time.  To go from a high-level design to a functioning, useful tool is a very difficult task.  I think this development team is the one of the most talented groups I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  And Tom, thank you for your integration, architecture, and management support.  We couldn’t have done it without you!” “I wanted to extend a special thank you to you and your team.  You guys have always worked exceptionally hard without any complaint whatsoever and put forward great code.  Moving forward, hopefully our schedule will be a bit more ‘normal.’  Thanks again for all the long hours and patience!”

Ryan Miller, UI Team leader, NASA TechPort, ARES Corporation

You [ACUS] have a beautiful site

Laura Clark, Web Team Project Manager, U.S. General Services Administration

Thank you again for everything – everything looked amazing and I really appreciate your support.

Kathy Kyle, Communications Director, Administrative Conference of the United States

The website looks great … Thanks for all your work on this project! We are very excited.

Callie Kyhl, Council Member, Town of Remington

I have to say that we wouldn’t have accomplished the things that we did without your help. Thanks again.”

Sridhar Kesiraju, Project Manager, Federal IT Dashboard, REI Systems

Great job all around and awesome responsiveness. Vivek and I really appreciate you guys going above and beyond this weekend to get this right.

Dominic Sale, Portfolio Manager, E-Government, Office of Management and Budget, Federal IT Dashboard, USA Spending

I want to lead off this note with a huge Thank You !!!  You have gone above and beyond and done whatever it takes to get us here on time. Thank you very much for the long hours and dedicated hard work this year. …This team has proved extraordinarily dedicated to task and produced an extremely high quality very capable product in a relatively short time, under the highly stressful condition of fluctuating customer requirements.”

Tom Teague; PhD, Sr. Information Systems Advisor; ARES Corporation

Wow everyone. Incredible work today, and thank you all so much. These designs are wonderful.

Graves Spindler, Department of Homeland Security,

Thank you for all the great work. You delivered a great product under such a tight schedule and in a high stress environment. could not have launched the new design without your help. Thank you again!

Takahiko Naito, Project Manager,, REI Systems

Things have been so hectic this last week I haven’t taken the time I should have to thank you (and your coworkers at inQbation) for all the excellent work you have been doing. Your work is very much appreciated…to the project, for sure, and to me especially. Thanks very much!

Christopher Hawley, Project Manager, NASA, JPL

[USAspending/ITdashboard is…] Perfect. Clearly influenced by the White House’s template, the page tracks federal spending in an extremely accessible way.

Fast Company, See Fast Company article, Best Government Web DesignsAustin Carr, Reporter Fast Company

Everyone here is very pleased with the ad you have made. A job well done!

Floris Winters, Digital Communications Officer Royal Netherlands Embassy


Hello everyone, I have been mostly a silent lurker in this discussion as others have been actively engaged in the testing process. As an external observer, please allow me to congratulate all of you. I’ve been involved in a number of technology development projects over the years and it’s rare to see a group communicate this well. The speed at which you are identifying issues and addressing problems is outstanding. For the inexperienced, the number of these issues may seem to be alarming. On the contrary, I would submit that you deserve kudos for finding, identifying and articulating these issues in this stage of testing. I’ve never seen such a smooth testing process and I so appreciate being able to read all the input from various people on our joint team. The commitment to collaboration that we here is exemplary. You are making really informed and wise decisions about prioritizing what needs to be fixed before to our imminent launch and what issues can be reasonably added to the parking lot to examine later. I often remind clients that seeking perfection is futile, and that instead it is more productive to focus on the relentless pursuit of excellence. From an outsider looking in, I’d say that we have a team who are almost compulsive (in a good way) in their pursuit of excellence — while still maintaining a firm grasp of reality about what can reasonably be achieved now and what is more wisely set aside for later. As we get down to the pre-launch crunch, if you find yourself stressing out about what’s popping up or what we have yet to complete, remember to look back just a few short weeks ago and where we were then.This group has pretty near done the impossible in no time at all. Can’t wait for the launch! Best, Sarah

Sarah Eaton, Eaton International Consulting on behalf of the Georgetown University | Center for Intercultural Education and Development | English Language Programs | Communities of Practice initiative.

Thanks! You’re a lifesaver! Everyone LOVES the website. Nothing but positive feedback so far – just glowing reviews. Thanks again! It looks great! I love it!

Deanna Haugaard, Admissions Director, Mulberry School

Thanks Luis, we could not have done this without you!  Many thanks for the amazing work that you put into this website!  We will be definitely recommending inQbation to our colleagues here at FHI 360 for any web-related services, as well as to our clients and partners.

Carina Omoeva, Ph.D., Senior Education Specialist, Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC)

We’re really happy with how things have turned out with this and cannot thank you enough. You’ve gone above and beyond for us.

Ben Olsen, Director of Development, Bishop John A. Marshall School

Really love working with you all!

Becky Bowers-Lanier, Legislative Consultant, Nurses Legislative Coalition

You been invaluable in restoring our websites. We have been most impressed with your firm’s flexibility and technical ability.

Leah Quin, Communications Director, CARANA Corporation

Thank you for working hard to make the vision of the Smart Biz Tool a reality.

Dawn Tucker, President, Calvert County Minority Business Alliance

Thank you again for coming to the Congressional Hunger Center to share your expertise on web design issues with the Hunger Fellows last week. It was a great opportunity to learn some practical skills and develop a better understanding of how we can use web technology to further our work with non-profits moving forward.

Hannah Emple, Congressional Hunger Center

You guys have been great in this project. Please convey my thanks to the entire team.

Rupak Thapaliya, Admissions Director, Hydro Reform Coalition

Blake and Felipe, I wanted to say thank you very much for your work on American Hiking Society’s website. Staff has been using the new site for about a month and it has been working really well … your team put in a lot of effort and for that we are very grateful. So once again, thank you very much. Regards,”

John Michels, Trail Programs Manager, American Hiking Society

I also wanted to commend you guys for your SEO work. Our site is now on the first page of Google. So that’s pretty cool.

Isaac Duerr, Consultant, The Feldman Group

Just wanted to say we were very pleased with the way the malware issue was handled.

Jada Irwin, Communications Associate, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

You guys rock. Thanks for getting this so quickly.

Aumarie Benipayo, Project Manager, The Linus Group

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at last week’s IPRA (International Public Relations Association) event and your company and conversation at our lunch table. I found your presentation to be informative, entertaining, and refreshingly honest. So glad “karma” let you fill in at the last minute.

Nancy Plemens Mayes, APR, Mayes

Thank you guys for all of your hard work. The site looks fantastic. Thank you.

Patrick Kennedy, Director of Finance & Operations, Asian American Institute for Advancing Justice