Are You Using BLVD Status to Track Which Sites Are Sending You Twitter Followers?

One of our goals when creating the Beta features for BLVD Status was to make tracking out going clicks easy so you could track unconventional conversions like RSS subscribers and so on. I wanted to mention how to set up a specific micro conversion in about 45 seconds that will track which domains are sending the most people to your Twitter account. If you have a link similar to, “follow me on twitter” or anything like that on your blog that is an out going link. It is pointing to your Twitter URL and within a couple easy steps you can see which referrers send the most people to your Twitter page, whether they follow or not…well that’s up to you.

Step 1: Set Up New Conversion

You can do this from two different areas, either from the Main area right after you log in.

Or from the Dashboard by clicking on the Config Tab at the top of the Conversions Box.

Then Click on the “Add a New Campaign Button”

Step 2: Set the Specifics

Name the Campaign and select an icon to identify the conversion.

Then put in your Twitter URL exactly like you have it on your site. If you have it with the www. in front make sure you add that, if it is without make sure you do that too. EX:

Then set the “Situation” to “Vistor Leaves a Page to Visit Specified URL”

Hit Create Campaign and you are done. Now you can see which referring domains and what content drives the most people to your Twitter account.

When you are done you should be able to track those clicking on your Twitter Account and what referrers are bringing those people like the screen shot below. You can do it live as the conversion happens or “All Time to see the total amount for the conversion.

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