If you need functionality above and beyond simple delivery of page content then you’ll probably need custom web development. A government agency, for example, that manages hundreds or thousands of publications probably needs a document management system (DMS) that allows people to quickly and easily find the document or publication they seek based on a variety of search and browse methods. A member association, for example, might need a learning management system (LMS) that allows its members to obtain ongoing education through online e-learning.

The more functional requirements a website has, the more it needs a web development agency with a predictable web development approach and project management methodology based on lessons learned, best practices, and quality assurance to ensure that processes are repeatable, predictable and consistent. Otherwise, you will experience project failure, missed deadlines, an explosion of the budget, and thousands of bugs, problems, and issues associated with that website. Believe me … we’ve been there! You may have too.

Agile Web Developer in the Washington DC area

Fortunately, there is a solution called Agile development framework that leverages concepts like Kanban and Scrum that allows us to focus on smaller pieces of functionality with continuous integration of code into the operational environment and is assured of higher quality and fewer defects. Most importantly, we are able to estimate costs, timeline, and effort far more accurately because we can concentrate on smaller chunks of software rather than being overwhelmed and distracted by a mountain of requirements and documentation that may or may not be valuable, relevant, or even needed in the end.

For agile to work, customers have to be engaged in the process. We ask that you give us an hour of your time at the beginning of every sprint to re-prioritize requirements and specify the “definition of done” so our expectations are aligned your acceptance standards and criteria. In addition, we ask that you be available to participate in our daily stand-ups, which usually take 15-20 minutes. If you want successful, predictable outcomes with fewer disappointments, greater success, and happier, more motivated web developers then Agile web development is something you should consider.