The Pros & Cons of Social Media Automation

Should you automate your social media posts? If you’ve ever managed a social media account, you are probably familiar with this dilemma. With countless social media management programs available (HootSuite being my favorite) and Facebook releasing scheduled posts for pages, it is easier than ever to schedule your updates. But does that mean you should? … Continued

Are You Driving Off with More Customers?

For the company that sells auto insurance, being involved on social media venues like Facebook and Twitter among others just makes sense in today’s Internet age. Wait? You’re not already doing that? If that is the case, it is definitely time to drive on up to 2012 and get engage with consumers. As more and … Continued

Facebook & Twitter. As Addictive as Cigarettes and Alcohol?

Facebook & Twitter. As Addictive as Cigarettes and Alcohol? Infographic  Have you ever posted to twitter from the toilet? Is every experience an opportunity to post a status update? Want to know whether or not you have a serious addiction to Facebook & Twitter?  Answer the 6 simple yes or no questions in the infographic … Continued

Top 5 Business Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

Last time I discussed how to market through Facebook, and this time micro-blogging sensation Twitter is the hot internet marketing topic to be discussed. Twitter is a high speed way to leverage your business to market to a larger audience as Twitter now has over 190 million users. While there are many, many ways you … Continued

History of the Internet: Twitter

When Jack Dorsey sat down for two weeks in March 2006 to create the prototype for Twitter, do you think he had any idea that Twitter would change the course of history? Think about how quickly Twitter has changed the way political campaigns, social revolutions, legislation, customer service, news and entertainment are conducted, communicated and … Continued

Twitter conferences: TwtrConDC09

WASHINGTON, DC – Social media expert If you’re not on the band wagon yet, maybe it’s time you drink the Twitter Kool-Aid. Business, government and non-profit leaders are using Twitter to communicate and deliver measureable results in real time. You can to. Find out how at Use promo code DVYN for 20% savings. Follow … Continued

Branding your Twitter profile

There seems to be 3 types of Twitter users: The curious The casual The pros Twitter pros don’t need to hear this message, they already know the power, utility and usefulness of Twitter.  They already get it.  But, for the curious and casual users, I would suggest that you actively use and leverage your Twitter … Continued

Be mindful of what you Tweet on Twitter

Check this out… When a friend was using his Yahoo mail to send me an e-mail to my Yahoo mail he received very interesting feedback.  The e-mail confirmation page included my latest blog entries and Twitter tweets.  Good thing they were all positive and I wasn’t ranting and raving or Tweeting Under the Influence (TUI). … Continued

How digital photography speeds news

WASHINGTON, DC – Years ago, I used to be a professional photographer.  Back then, the standard equipment was a medium format Hasselblad, light meter and studio strobes.  Back then, we had to load our film in the dark.  In 1995, when I registered, I was one of the only photographers I knew who had … Continued