Mobile Loyalty

If you are one of the approximately 54 percent of American adults who doesn’t yet own a smartphone, you may also have a wallet stuffed with dinosaurs – loyalty punch cards for restaurants and other businesses you like to frequent. If not already extinct, your cards are headed that way. The news is worse if you … Continued

Rules of Mobile Marketing: Relationship is First

Where it used to be a big deal to own a mobile phone, having a smartphone today is as common as wearing a watch. Clipping coupons and browsing advertising circulars from the Sunday newspaper has given way to having your smartphone scanned at the register to get discounts on the items you buy. As a … Continued

Constant Contact Makes For Good Business

I was on Facebook earlier today and one of the marketer’s pages that I “like” had a status that said, “I just got a response to a link request I sent over 1 year ago. How often do people check their email?” We all get behind on our emails from time to time between newsletters, … Continued

How to Create a Successful Facebook Campaign

How to: Create a Successful Facebook Campaign Everything you do to advertise your company, business, organization, services, etc. can be absolutely FREE, unless of course you decide to offer a prize.  But, If you believe that the return on.. market research, target audience analysis, outreach, company branding and a whole lot more – outweighs the cost … Continued

Top 5 Business Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

Last time I discussed how to market through Facebook, and this time micro-blogging sensation Twitter is the hot internet marketing topic to be discussed. Twitter is a high speed way to leverage your business to market to a larger audience as Twitter now has over 190 million users. While there are many, many ways you … Continued

Social media marketing: How to market through Facebook

People spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google.  Yet, when they are on Facebook, they are constantly exposed to advertisements.  Unlike Google, Facebook ads are relevant to your profile, your interests, your occupation, your education, and the posts on your wall.  So, the return on investment for Facebook advertising is quite a … Continued

Facebook Share vs. Facebook Like

Facebook share and Facebook like are different but effective ways to share websites content on Facebook. Like and Share functionality seem to be similar, but they are used for different purposes. Facebook Share This is the original way to share links of your website on your Facebook profile. With this functionality you are able to … Continued

Twitter Backgrounds help establish your brand

As part of our social media marketing strategy, we believe that a Twitter Background designed to reflect the look and feel of your website helps to reinforce the brand.  As such, SEO Quotient is thrilled to debut its Twitter background.  Thanks to inQbation for the FREE twitter background.

Facebook Fan Page for Social Media Marketing

How to leverage the power of Facebook Friends and Fans Social media marketing has definitely and officially hit its stride.  If you want to leverage viral word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and take advantage of the multiplier effect of Facebook friends and the Facebook Fan page then this is what you need to do… Create a Facebook … Continued