Best SEO Analysis Tools to rank higher on Google

One of the best SEO analysis tools on the market that explains in super simple terms, “Why does my site not rank higher on Google?”  It look for the low-hanging fruit and will compare your site to that of a competitor so you can understand exactly what you need to do to make your site … Continued

SEO Analysis tools to compare competitor websites

Classic question from a typical client… Dentist: Why does the dentist across the street rank higher than me? To many people, who don’t quite understand how search engines work, it could be baffling to try to understand why a competing business in the same area – or even the same building – ranks higher on … Continued

Using SharePoint for Cloud Collaboration

As businesses pursue a more mobile approach to productivity, powerful collaboration tools are increasingly necessary. While cloud collaboration can, and does, cut costs dramatically for many companies, the necessity of collaboration moves beyond simplistic budgetary aspects of running a company and managing collaborative data. For businesses of all sizes, SharePoint is the de facto platform … Continued

Hello, robot: Why mobile marketing feels wrong so far

Is it just me or does this holiday season seem a bit quiet? Too quiet. It seems shoppers opted for a safer, digital shopping experience instead of the potentially lethal task of braving the riotous frenzy of Black Friday in America. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that people are doing a lot more … Continued

6 C's of Search Marketing

Content Content is the words, pictures, text and media that you place on your web pages, web site, social media profile and landing pages.  In order to be indexed in Google, Bing and other search engines; it helps to have content.  In order to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) vis-à-vis a given keyword … Continued

SEO strategy starts with keyword development

Without a doubt, the first and most important step towards optimizing your website on Google is to identify the most important keyword phrases that will fulfill your overall marketing strategy. The ultimate goal is to determine the single keyword phrase (KwP), consisting of three to five words, that will both lead prospective customers to your … Continued

Search Engine Obsession (SEO)

Ranking high on Google involves a Holy Trinity of activities, namely; Contributing frequent and relevant content focused on a few keyword phrases (KwP) Utilizing Section 508 Compliant methods for web accessibility according to ADA Developing natural inbound links from credible sites using your KwP as anchor text More importantly, however, is that you obsess over these … Continued

SEO in less than 30 minutes a day

If you are a bootstrapping entrepreneur who doesn’t have a lot of money or time but needs to get some things done to: Catapult your website into the mainstream Ignite your search engine optimization Empower yourself to market your own website, You need a recipe or formula for making the most cost effective use of … Continued