Pictures look sideways in my Apple!

I was helping a client to fix an issue with her pictures. She was telling me that a picture in the website was sideways. However, when testing the site in my computer, I wasn’t able to see the issue. When asking the client what browser and OS was she using, she let me know that was on a Mac computer. So, I decided to test the site in an iPad and there it was, the picture was sideways!. I realized that by using Apple products (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod), the picture was different than using Windows.

Having found that, I discovered that Apple products render the image using the original meta data of the image. Apparently, when the client uploaded the image, it was from a scanned image which was originally sideways. The system didn’t realize that someone, in some moment, rotated the image to the right position.

The solution: It wasn’t enough to save the image and then save it again in the right position. What we needed to do was to follow some simple steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of the picture:  Use the PrtScn key in your keyboard
  2. Open Paint, a basic but very helpful tool.
  3. Paste the image: Use the combination of keys Ctrl+V or right click and select Paste
  4. Rotate the image if it is still sideways, otherwise skip this step
  5. Crop the image if necessary
  6. Save image as jpg or png.
  7. Upload the image again to your website

Hope this can help anyone else!.

About Veronica Ramirez

Veronica is an enthusiastic developer and designer. She works as a Project Manager at inQbation, where she is able to develop her skills from her two disciplines. She is friendly and likes to help others, travel and discover new cultures.
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