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SEO is the process of shaping your website and its content so that it ranks high on Google when your desired web visitors search for your website.

Ranking on Google is competitive.  In fact, one of the major reasons why your website may or may not rank high on Google are the other websites competing for that search phrase.  The second major reason why your website may or may not rank is because of the keywords (KW) that your website is or is not positioned for.  It is important to put yourself into the place of your target audience and figure out how they use Google to find websites they seek.  You must choose the right keywords (KW).

Elements of SEO from Blake Newman

Washington DC SEO Expert

For example, suppose that somebody was looking for an SEO expert to help them rank higher on Google.  What phrase do you think they would use in Google?  Perhaps, SEO expert?  Most people will also put a geographic qualifier in there because they often want to work with local people.  Given that inQbation is in the Washington DC metropolitan area and most of our clients are also in Washington DC, the phrase that our prospective target audience would most likely Google would probably be, “DC SEO Expert.”  Lets see what happens when we Google this phrase.  Do it now: Google “DC SEO Expert“.

Washington DC SEO Expert

Google results for, “DC SEO Expert”

Notice a couple things.  For one, there are paid advertisements at the top and to the right of the page.  Paid advertising is definitely a digital marketing strategy that has its place.  We’ll talk about this later.

Also notice that there are about 1,090,000 results (over one million web pages) competing for this single search phrase. The level of competition and difficult to rank is very high.  Well, it’s one in a million.

Finally, notice that underneath the paid advertisements, the first two results that ranked naturally and organically belong to inQbation.  Of all the SEO experts in Washington DC, we rank first and second among the million other results.

Rates, prices, cost for SEO Services

We offer the following SEO services:

Keyword consultation



  • Visitor segmentation
  • Keyword development
  • Demand analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Baseline analysis
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Third-party analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Action plan
  • Keyword injection
  • Link development
  • Social media
  • Content strategy
  • Content development
$500 $1,500 $5,000

The rates table above assumes that you have WordPress as a content management system, which is the favorite tool of a digital marketing professional.  If your site is not powered by WordPress then it’s probably already handicapped because most CMS solutions simply aren’t as easy, efficient, or effective as WordPress for SEO.

Obviously, there are some exceptions and many IT guys will likely argue with me over this.  But, I’ve used dozens of CMS solutions and have found WordPress to be the king.  If you aren’t running WordPress then that might be the first thing we need to do is to swap out your CMS.

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