Invest wisely: financially smart

People are often penny wise and pound foolish.  Meaning they closely watch the pennies they spend but are often reckless with bigger expenses.  Regardless of whether it is building a website or paying for online advertising or personal expenses, people often can’t see the big picture or think in the long term. My advice for … Continued

What makes agile agile?

People say they want agile but … more often than not … they don’t really know what that means.  Likewise, many people say they are agile, but … in reality … they aren’t agile and have no idea what agile really is. When people tell me they want agile or want us to be agile, … Continued

How Agile helps align budget expectations

Client: My biggest concern right now is that I am getting the sense that you are envisioning this project to be bigger than we need. I have put a lot of thought into the functionalities that we will need, and I don’t want to build a mega-yacht when a simple sailboat will do. Enter the … Continued

Using Slack the smart way

First thing’s first: a short contextualization of what Slack is. Slack is a real-time messaging platform, and, if the first thing that came to your mind when you read that sentence is “it’s just a chat”, then you really need to read this post carefully. Slack goes beyond than just a regular chat; integrations with … Continued

GSA BPA 18F Agile Delivery Services

WASHINGTON, DC – Agile web development Agileana L.C., formerly known as inQbation LLC, is pleased to announce the pending award of General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Agile Delivery Services (ADS1). In the spirit of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and … Continued

Costco photo center hacked

Hopefully, nobody decided to play amateur porn photographer with their significant other and sent those photos to Costco Photo Center because it was recently hacked. Costco apologizes for the inconvenience According to their website and direct email, “Preliminary indications are that there was a security compromise at the company hosting the Costco online photo center. … Continued

Google rewards mobile friendly-websites

Google boosts websites that are responsive Heard the rumor that Google penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly?  It’s true.  Wondering how your site rates with Google on the mobile-friendly-factor (MFF)? Curious, we ran the test on and Google thinks we’re awesome Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test   Need help? If your site is not getting … Continued

SEO Expert, Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC – Ranking on Google is not a mysterious, black magic, black box.  It starts with three things: Know your target audience and the keywords they use to find what they seek Inject those keywords into well-written pages and posts on your WordPress website Make your website content so compelling that people want to … Continued