Google rewards mobile friendly-websites

Google boosts websites that are responsive Heard the rumor that Google penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly?  It’s true.  Wondering how your site rates with Google on the mobile-friendly-factor (MFF)? Curious, we ran the test on and Google thinks we’re awesome Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test   Need help? If your site is not getting … Continued

SEO Expert, Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC – Ranking on Google is not a mysterious, black magic, black box.  It starts with three things: Know your target audience and the keywords they use to find what they seek Inject those keywords into well-written pages and posts on your WordPress website Make your website content so compelling that people want to … Continued

Agile Developer GSA IT 70

WASHINGTON DC – Agileana is a lean, agile web development agency and IT company holding a GSA IT 70 Schedule.  Agileana focuses on providing Drupal and Python development services to federal government agencies, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. Blake Newman is an agile coach holding certificates in Project Management (PM) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).  … Continued

Drupal Developer Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC – Agile Drupal developers led by Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Luis Cuellar, have successfully designed, developed, and deployed complex Drupal websites for GSA, OMB, NASA, USDA, State Department, Department of Defense, and the US Forest Service.  Leading by example, Agileana developed their marketing website – – in Drupal.  If you seek an … Continued

How to Write Web Content that Users Will Actually Read

On the web there is one simple truth: people don’t read. And let’s be honest, neither do I, and probably neither do you. It’s not that we’re all incredibly lazy (well, not all the time) but the reality is our days are so busy and our time is so precious that if we actually read every … Continued

WordPress winning the CMS wars

WASHINGTON DC – WordPress expert Joomla has seen its day.  Starting out around 2005, we have seen Joomla reach its high water mark around 2009 and quickly descend.  Drupal peaked around 2010 about the time that was relaunched in Drupal.  Since then, both are close to bottoming out. Meanwhile, we’ve seen some newcomers in … Continued

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Agile Coach in Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC – Agileana Inc is pleased to announce that its CEO, Blake Newman, is awarded the designation Certified Scrum Master for completing the prescribed requirements of this certification and he hereby entitled to all privileges and benefits offered by the Scrum Alliance, Inc.